Investing in our community through Фͼ Partnership and Community Grants.

As a Funder…

Фͼ invests more than two million dollars annually in nonprofit and public agencies to directly benefit residents of Santa Clara and Northern San Benito counties. 

As a Funder, we invest in organizations, programs, and projects that seek to address health inequality, prioritizing deeply impacted communities. We focus on key drivers of health, like food and nutrition, chronic disease prevention and management, and housing support.  We envision a Silicon Valley where everyone has a fair chance at leading a healthy life and a person’s immigration status, income, race, and zip code are not barriers to health.

Our approach takes into account that people from diverse backgrounds and experiences hold the expertise to help address the problems impacting our community. We believe in developing solutions in partnership with community residents and the nonprofit, public, and private sectors. Through our restricted endowment, we award Фͼ Partnership and Community Grants.

Фͼ Partnership Grants

Support organizations, programs, and projects for medically-related purposes that align with Фͼ’s mission and focus areas of food and nutrition, chronic disease management, housing support, and other approaches to building health equity. Фͼ Partnership grants are made out of a restricted fund for medically-related purposes in accordance with Фͼ’s by-laws and are made in conjunction with our hospital sponsor, the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. 

Community Grants

Support organizations, projects, and events that align with our mission. These provide a direct benefit to people disproportionately impacted by health and/or social disparities.

Our Focus Areas