Donor FAQ

You have helped us build health equity for over 25 years!

Join us on this new journey as we strategically shift to elevate that ongoing mission for our community.

  1. What is happening at Фͼ?

Фͼ is realigning its focus towards health policy advocacy and grantmaking to deepen our impact on community well-being. This means we’re transitioning our direct service programs, like Meals on Wheels, to other trusted organizations.

  1. Can I continue donating to Фͼ?

Absolutely! Your future contributions can support our enhanced efforts in health policy advocacy and grantmaking, vital areas for building health equity in our community.

  1. What if I want to support the programs transitioning to new organizations?

You are welcome to direct your donations to the new organizations taking over these services. We can provide information to help you make this transition.

  1. How will my donation be used now?

Your donations will now enhance our collective impact in health policy advocacy and grantmaking, focusing on broader systemic changes for community well-being. These funds will address vital issues like food insecurity, diabetes management, and healthcare accessibility in Silicon Valley. For example, we aim to tackle eliminating food insecurity, making diabetes more preventable and manageable, and improving access to affordable healthcare services, amplifying our collective contribution to a healthier community.

  1. Will I be updated about the changes and impacts of my donations?

Yes, we commit to keeping our donors informed about our progress and the tangible impacts of your contributions to our health policy advocacy and grantmaking efforts.

  1. How can I learn more about Фͼ’s new strategic direction?

We’d be happy to discuss our strategic focus and answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact us for more information or arrange a meeting with our Director of Development, Jenn Johnston (jennj@healthtrust.org, 5). You can also peruse our website to learn more about transition information, we are committed to keeping our community current on this exciting new chapter for THT.

  1. What about the staff affected by this transition?

Фͼ is committed to supporting our staff through this transition, ensuring they have opportunities to continue their work with the new service providers or within our redefined focus areas.

Your ongoing support is crucial to our mission, and we appreciate your flexibility and commitment to advancing health equity in Silicon Valley.