A message from the CEO about Фͼ’s upcoming transition

Michele Lew, CEO of Фͼ

As the CEO of Фͼ, an organization deeply committed to buildingMichele Lew, CEO of Фͼ  health equity in Silicon Valley, I want to address our strategic decision to transition out of direct service provisions and refocus on our foundational roles in advocacy and grantmaking. 

Our mission at Фͼ has always been to serve marginalized populations in our community. After thorough analysis and consideration, we have determined that the most effective way to continue this mission is by concentrating on our core strengths in policy advocacy and grantmaking. This strategic shift allows us to amplify our impact and better serve the community’s evolving needs. 

Effective July 1, 2024, Фͼ will transition its direct services to other reputable and capable local organizations. This decision, while difficult, is made with a commitment to continuity of care for our clients. We are actively collaborating with the County and various nonprofits to facilitate the transition of services as smoothly as possible, aiming to uphold the quality and accessibility of care that our clients deserve. 

We are equally committed to our staff, who have been the backbone of our services. We are working diligently to support them through this transition, exploring opportunities within Фͼ in our enhanced advocacy and grantmaking roles, as well as facilitating potential employment with organizations assuming the service provisions. 

This transition marks a new chapter for Фͼ, one that hones in on our expertise in advocacy and grantmaking to forge a healthier future for Silicon Valley. We are excited about the possibilities this focus brings and are committed to working collaboratively with our community partners, stakeholders, and staff to ensure a successful evolution.



Michele Lew,


In an effort to provide ongoing details about our transition, we will be sending mailings, emails, and text messages.